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Wagner Building a Home Inspection Business Starts October 14th. 

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What Our Students Say


Donna King Carter

Denver, CO
“ I want to thank you for all your help and patience while I was taking your class. Although we covered a great deal of material in a short time, you made the class interesting and fun, and I always looked forward to each class meeting. I've taken many classes under many different instructors, but I definitely got more out of your class than any other I've ever taken. ”

Jennifer L. Cortner

Pueblo, CO
“ Is the Paralegal Course important? You bet! It is particularly important now when Colorado's lawyers are fighting "pro bono" assistance to the poor and when legal services are a luxury rather than a necessity. Here in Southern Colorado legal services are handled out of Colorado Springs and clients in Pueblo are limited to the elderly, if at all. Legal Services caseload out of Colorado Springs alone is enough to keep their attorneys busy for the next millennium! It has been one of my greatest pleasures to be associated with the Paralegal Course and with you. Scott, I think you walk on water! If I can be of any assistance in assuring the Course's continuation and expansion, I only await your direction. ”

Robert Anway

Springfield, OH
“ Since graduation I have succeeded on three civil rights cases, and I have been successful in compelling five businesses in the Springfield area to comply with the American with Disabilities Act. Several judges have commented that both my written briefs and oral advocacy skills rival those of local attorneys, and I have even received a letter of praise recently from the governor. ”

Frank J. Mc Hugh

Albuquerque, NM
“ I am writing to you to complement you on the course and on your instructors. When I first contemplated taking the course I didn't think it would be possible to obtain a good basic knowledge of the Paralegal profession in six short weekend sessions, but after completing the course I feel completely comfortable with, and qualified to enter into the paralegal field. Your course is well structured, "on point", and student interactive. I strongly recommend the course to anyone looking to enter the paralegal profession or for anyone looking for an overview of the legal world. ”

Lisa A. Cain

Mesquite, TX
“ I think I can speak for most mothers in that it is very difficult to attend school at night or for long periods of time when you have the responsibility of children and a job. This course, being offered on week-ends for the six weeks period, was very conducive to my situation. In addition, I felt that the cost was reasonable and geared more to today’s economic climate as compared with the cost of other paralegal certificate courses. ”

Daniel G. Jennings

Littleton, CO
“ I found the course both helpful and informative. For the first time in my life I was actually able to understand the law and to do legal research in an actual law library without being scared out of my wits by the stacks of law books. Thanks again for the excellent paralegal course! ”

Mark Haneberg

Gainesville, FL
“ Summer grades were posted today at the law school at the University of Florida. I received two "A's" and a "B+" for a 3.85 GPA. Some of the credit is yours. I want to express my appreciation to you and your organization for the excellent introduction to law I received when I took your paralegal course. During my crucial first semester at law school, my paralegal skills made the course on legal research and writing seem more like a review than the tour de force it was designed to be. ”


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